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The objective of the Zombie Program is to engineer a horde of zombies that would be released and wipe out a majority of the population.

The Cabal has vast cloning facilities. They have actually designed zombies that are a type of biological robot, complete with control circuitry in their heads to steer their behavior. The clones are not very intelligent, can only perform very basic tasks, and only live for a short time once activated. Otherwise, they lie in stasis chambers. These entities have a virus that causes them to bleed out of every orifice as well as their fingernails, and if they scratch you, it leads to a fatality. There is no contagious virus that can make others turn into carriers. They simply have different biology that is very lethal to the rest of us.

Zombie simulations are run in these cities where the victims are clones, who think they are living a normal surface life. The programmed zombies are released. The relative success or failure in how many people die from it is meticulously studied as a “simulation.” Each major type of population center on earth's surface has corresponding simulated environments underground, whether cities, suburbs or countryside. Hidden cameras monitor everything that goes on and detailed meta-analyses of the results are conducted via supercomputers. After 24 hours, the entire simulation is gassed and everyone in it, zombie, survivor or otherwise, dies. The survivors are not bred to live very long anyway. The set is cleared, any messes are cleaned up and repaired, and before long the stage is set for another simulation to be run again.

People who were run through these zombie simulations as the victims had to be cloned from folks who already lived underground. The Cabal quickly discovered they could not clone out people for use in these simulations if they were freely living on the surface. The insiders discovered that the original person would have stunningly detailed dreams and visions of what their clone went through in the simulation. This is the same phenomena that we have heard about where twins, separated at birth, end up leading stunningly similar lives, way beyond coincidence. This telepathic phenomenon was deemed to be a very high security risk. Too much verifiable information would become available to various authorities. The people used for these simulations therefore could not be cloned from anyone living in our conventional society.

Supposedly the Cabal actually fabricated enough of these clones to wipe out all of the US and Europe, based on the results of these simulations. This apparently included over 140 million clones, held in underground baaes West of the Rockies, to be released in the US, and 100 million to be released throughout Europe. An aerosol was devised that would be released to shut down all the clones once the goals of this operation had been reached. In the aftermath of any such strategy, the Cabal would then openly reveal themselves with the intention of creating a global dictatorship.[1]

The zombies would look more or less like ordinary people – not what you see in the movies. The men might typically be wearing a plaid shirt and blue jeans. However, they are given a strange infectious virus that can make them bleed out of every orifice, including their fingernails. They are programmed to have an insatiable craving to attack and eat other humans who do not have the infection.

Other lifeforms that do not look anywhere near as similar to us have also been engineered with the zombie virus.The preferred design that would currently be used are little beings that look like Greys and are only about two feet tall. They would be sneaky, run around quickly, evade capture and scratch people on the legs to cause death.

The virus was engineered to cause people to bleed from their gums and finger nails and also cause aggressive biting and scratching from brain swelling and other neurological issues that was meant to help the virus to spread to loved ones trying to take care of them. When normal people come in contact with the pathogens in their blood, they will die a horrible death within 24 hours. Simply being scratched by the fingernails from one of these beings would be enough to cause death.

The Cabal also manufactured an aerosol that could be sprayed over an area where these zombies were released. It would cause their death but leave ordinary folks alone. Otherwise, the only way to effectively kill the zombies would be to separate the brain stem from the neck, such as through beheading.

The Cabal's plan was to release this plague, bring about the deaths of millions to achieve their depopulation goals, and then shut off the plague with the aerosol.At that point, they had intended for us to have descended into mass starvation, rioting, anarchy and chaos, leading to martial law and internment camps (which people would flock to in fear of zombies.)

The technology was in place to generate this zombie apocalypse all the way back in the 1960s.[2]

Zombieland is the actual name of the subterranean training facility here on Earth.[3] They have a rulebook that teaches people how to survive the zombie apocalypse. The rules are uncannily simmilar to the those from the movie Zombieland.[4]